Conflict management coaching


Conflict management coaching is a process whereby a neutral and impartial third party, the coach, works with a person to help him or her walk through a conflict or a potentially conflictual situation. This effort of analysis and synthesis of the existent or potential dispute combined with an effort to structure the actions that can be programmed to resolve or improve the situation allows avoiding this situation from deteriorating.

Advantages of a coaching in conflict management


  • is confidential;
  • allows the participants to be heard and to feel understood;
  • allows to avoid conflict or minimize its impact;
  • allows the participants to understand better the reasons why they feel irritated and to find paths of solution in order to avoid the repetition of such feelings;
  • gives power to the participants by allowing them to find the most appropriate solutions instead of imposing some on them;
  • helps maintain relationships;
  • allows the participants to feel in control of the situation instead of feeling stuck in a dead end;
  • helps the participants develop communication skills that will serve them in the long term.

A few examples where coaching is recommended

  • integration problems (employee, manager, member of a business team, director on a board) ;
  • manager, supervisor or HR staff requiring assistance in conflict management;
  • personalities presenting authority issues;
  • individuals who need support during the course of a judicial proceeding or a mediation.